What Happens to Your Worker’s Comp Benefits If You Lose Your Job?

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In these uncertain times, many people have experienced the hardship of losing their jobs. This includes many people who were receiving worker’s compensation benefits through their employer. If you’re wondering what happens to your worker’s compensation benefits when you lose your job, you’re not alone. Many people want to know if they will still receive the worker’s compensation checks they were receiving before losing their jobs. 

Fortunately, the expert worker’s comp attorney at Hodgman, Rowlett & Jahnes, P.A. can answer all your questions about your specific situation. Our team will review your case and let you know all the specifics. In most cases, the truth is that you will continue to receive your worker’s compensation benefits, even if you’ve lost your job. The only way you may lose your benefits is if you were fired with cause. If you were laid off from your job or your position was eliminated, you will still continue to receive your worker’s comp benefits. If you were fired because of a disciplinary or insubordination issue, the loss of your worker’s compensation benefits might be a consequence. The only other way you may lose your benefits is if a doctor believes that you were fully recovered from your injury, and, therefore, your benefits will end. 

We at Hodgman, Rowlett & Jahnes, P.A. have seen cases where a company has tried to fire an employee for filing for worker’s compensation. However, this is illegal. Worker’s compensation law and the North Carolina Retaliatory Discharge Act will protect you and your benefits in cases like these. 

If you lost your job and are therefore at risk of losing your worker’s comp benefits, Hodgman, Rowlett & Jahnes, P.A. will fight for you. Our worker’s comp attorneys represent workers who have been hurt on the job and need extra help paying medical bills and replacing lost wages. Our team is board-certified in worker’s compensation law. We know which benefits our clients are entitled to and can defend these clients before the North Carolina Industrial Commission if an employer tries to deny these benefits to them. Call Hodgman, Rowlett & Jahnes, P.A. to fight for you and to protect your benefits.

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