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North Carolina firm provides comprehensive support for victims

Along with physical harm, a workplace injury can trigger financial pressure and emotional stress. Hodgman, Rowlett & Jahnes, P.A. in Greensboro offers comprehensive counsel to North Carolina residents who are hurt in job-related accidents as well as those who fall victim to an occupational illness. Our respected attorneys will review the facts in your case and advise you of your legal options. Once you have determined how to proceed, we vigorously pursue appropriate relief so you can move forward.

Causes of workplace-related injuries

Our firm represents clients in workers’ compensation and personal injury cases stemming from:       

  • Falls — We assist construction workers and employees in other industries who require medical treatment after suffering a fall during the course of their job responsibilities.
  • Negligence — We represent injured workers who were hurt by the actions of their coworkers or other individuals on the same job site.
  • Lifting — Whether you’re a loading dock laborer, retail worker or nursing home aide, your workday might require heavy lifting that puts you at risk for back strain and other ailments.
  • Repetitive motion injuries — Office workers and people on a factory floor sometimes develop carpal tunnel syndrome or another medical condition linked to repetitive movements.
  • Hazardous substances — An occupational illness resulting from exposure to asbestos or some other type of hazardous substance might be debilitating, and even deadly.
  • Vehicle accidents — Transportation workers and anyone who drives in connection with their employment could be involved in a car or truck accident that leads to a serious injury and missed wages due to time off the job.
  • Hearing loss — Even with increased attention to protecting their ears against loud noises, many industrial workers and airport employees might suffer long-term hearing loss.

It does not matter what your job is or the specific nature of your workplace injury, we are proven advocates who are determined to securing the payment you deserve.

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Litigators advise on third-party personal injury liability in work accidents

Victims of job-related accidents are not able to pursue non-economic damages in a workers’ comp claim. However, if a third party’s negligence was a factor in your injury, you might be able to collect payment to make you whole for the pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment and disfigurement that resulted from your workplace accident. Careless contractors, makers of defective machinery and companies responsible for dangerous chemical exposure could give rise to a third party claim stemming from a workplace injury. We help navigate the interactions of these complicated claims.

Common types of workplace injuries

  • Industrial accidents — No worksite is ever 100 percent safe, and the likelihood of serious injury increases with use of power tools and heavy machinery.

Any type of injury can occur in the workplace. Jobs that require the use of heavy equipment can lead to broken bones and crushed limbs if something goes wrong. Work-related vehicle accidents might cause a head or spinal injury. Someone who lifts heavy loads could suffer damage to their shoulder, back or knee. If you’ve experienced one of these conditions, have been burned, forced to undergo an amputation or have developed carpal tunnel syndrome, our workers compensation attorneys can help.

What should you do after a workplace accident in North Carolina?

As soon as you have suffered an on-the-job injury, you should immediately notify your supervisor regarding your accident and obtain medical attention promptly. If you didn’t file a written report at the time of the incident, it must be submitted within 30 days. Should your employer request that you make an appointment with a specific doctor, it’s important to attend and follow any medical advice.

What types of workers’ comp benefits does a claimant receive?

Your employer’s workers’ compensation coverage should take care of doctor’s bills, hospital costs, prescription drugs and other healthcare expenses stemming from the job-related incident. Individuals can also collect two-thirds of their weekly wages for the time they are unable to do their job, up to a maximum set by the state each year.

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