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Over time, someone who performs the same job in the same setting might be putting themselves at risk for a serious workplace illness. For nearly five decades, the attorneys of Hodgman, Rowlett & Jahnes, P.A. in Greensboro has delivered exceptional legal advice and advocacy to North Carolina residents suffering from significant medical problems related to their workplace. Certain occupational illnesses are linked to toxic substances that employees are exposed to for months or years on end. In other cases, a repetitive physical activity gradually strains a particular area of the body, leading to pain and/or dysfunction. Whatever type of workplace illness you’re experiencing, our accomplished litigators know how to build a comprehensive case so that you can collect the funds you require to meet your financial needs as you deal with your medical issue.  

Types of occupational diseases covered under workers’ compensation

Along with workplace injuries that result from accidents on the job, workers’ compensation also offers benefits to employees who have contracted an occupational illness such as:

  • Diseases stemming from chemical exposure — For decades, the public has been aware of the devastating, and often lethal, harm suffered by people who worked regularly with asbestos. However, conditions such as mesothelioma, asbestosis and byssinosis persist, along with cancers and other serious illnesses triggered by on-the-job chemical exposure. By consulting with epidemiologists and other experts, our workers comp lawyers work to make businesses and insurance companies fulfill their legal obligations.

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  • Hearing loss — Industrial employees and other workers who spend hours on end in a loud environment put their hearing at risk. Cochlear implants, hearing aids and other methods of restoring one’s ability to listen can be expensive. Should you suspect that your hearing issues are connected to your job, we will pursue reimbursement for your medical costs, time missed from work, and your permanent injury.
  • Repetitive strain and cumulative trauma — Whether you’re a secretary who suffers from carpal tunnel syndrome due to heavy typing requirements or a factory worker in pain due to repetitive movements, we can pursue proper relief on your behalf. It can be hard to trace the source of damage to joints, rotator cuffs and other parts of the body that are placed under frequent strain, but we know how to present well-supported cases resulting from cumulative trauma. 

Our firm offers comprehensive counsel so that individuals who developed a disease on the job can recover the full amount that they deserve.

Attorneys advise on North Carolina occupational disease law

Certain diseases have established links to harmful substances associated with various industries. North Carolina General Statute §97-53 outlines a series of medical conditions that are defined as occupational diseases, including asbestosis and mercury poisoning. However, your illness does not have to be listed in the law for you to qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. If you suffer from a different medical problem, such as carpal tunnel syndrome or tendinitis, it is necessary to demonstrate how the condition is connected to your particular job duties. When necessary, we collect the factual and expert evidence needed to help prove that your disease is work-related and to rule out other potential causes for your problem.

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