Greensboro Construction Accident Attorneys Advise Accident Victims

North Carolina firm works to secure payment for medical costs and lost income

In an instant, someone working on a construction site can have their life changed by an accident that results in serious harm. When this happens, Hodgman, Rowlett & Jahnes, P.A. in Greensboro takes legal action to help laborers suffering from a wide range of injuries, such as spinal cord damage, neck and back injuries, muscle strain and broken bones. Our attorneys press for fair compensation for injured construction workers and the family members of victims who died in an on-site accident. Having assisted North Carolina clients since 1972, you can count on us to represent you with the dedication and professionalism that you should expect from an established firm.

Common causes of construction accidents

Construction sites are hotspots for workplace injuries because of the physical labor, heavy machinery and busy activity associated with building and repair projects. In addition to handling the workers' compensation claims associated with these accidents, our firm has the skill and track record to achieve successful results in additional third party construction accident matters, including those caused by:

  • Poor maintenance and supervision — One careless worker using a saw can inflict a severe cutting injury on someone else in a split second. If you believe that poor supervision or maintenance played a role in your accident, we’ll review the facts thoroughly to help hold the liable parties accountable.
  • Electrocution and burns — Failure to follow proper safety measures while working with electricity, fire or other dangerously hot substances could lead to burns and other injuries that have permanent effects.
  • Faulty equipment and materials — Even the most conscientious contractors might not be able to prevent an injury triggered by defective equipment or unsafe building materials. In these cases, we work to hold negligent manufacturers accountable.
  • Falls — Scaffolding that is not assembled correctly and other hazards pose a serious risk to construction workers who are operating high above the ground. Tools that are not put away properly might also cause a slip and fall injury.
  • Dropped objects — An object that is dropped from someone working above is capable of giving a construction worker a traumatic brain injury.

With decades of experience handling both workers’ compensation and personal injury actions, you can rely on our lawyers to assert your rights effectively.

Skillful litigators represent plaintiffs in third party construction claims

The workers’ compensation system was established so that construction workers and others who are injured in the course of their job duties can collect prompt reimbursement for medical costs and lost income without having to sue their employers. This is helpful in many ways, but there are other types of damages that are not covered within the system. If someone beside you or your employer contributed to the injury you suffered on a construction site, you might be able to initiate a personal injury lawsuit against them to collect compensation for pain, suffering and the loss of enjoyment in your life.

Why call a construction accident lawyer?

No matter how serious your construction accident injury is, obtaining proper payment could be a challenge. When you work with our firm, you’ll gain a clear understanding of your legal options. We review the circumstances that led up to the incident, identify what type of payment you can recover and vigorously pursue relief from whatever sources are legally responsible for compensating you. Relying on the representations of your employer, their insurance company or a negligent contractor could prevent you from securing the funds you need if recoveries are also complicated greatly by the involvement in a work accident of anyone other than your employer. You can count on us to stand up for your interests.

Contact a Greensboro construction accident attorney to set up a free consultation

Hodgman, Rowlett & Jahnes, P.A. handles litigation and workers’ compensation claims on behalf of injured North Carolina construction workers. Our firm is located in Greensboro and you can schedule a free consultation by calling 336-609-7593 or contacting us online. Our staff speaks both English and Spanish, and we are prepared to assist you.