Greensboro Social Security Disability Lawyers Help Clients Who Cannot Work

Thorough North Carolina advocates represent claimants in appeal hearings

Even when you have a worthy claim, obtaining Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits is often a difficult challenge. Many applications are rejected initially for reasons that can be hard to understand. Located in Greensboro, the attorneys at Hodgman, Rowlett & Jahnes, P.A., are dedicated to helping the people of Guilford County and the surrounding areas secure the payment they deserve. Don’t try to go through the appeals process alone or you could put your family in financial jeopardy. If you are disabled and can’t work, we will discuss relevant SSDI standards with you and can represent you in an appeal before an administrative law judge. Our firm has an established track record in these matters and looks forward to helping you achieve a favorable outcome.

When should I hire a Social Security Disability attorney?

From your first meeting with us, our lawyers will clearly explain each aspect of your SSDI claim, including:

  • Work credits — As an insurance program, SSDI is only available to applicants who have accumulated enough work credits by earning income both over time and in the recent past. If you have worked intermittently, we can assess whether you are eligible to receive benefits.
  • Qualifying disability — To collect payments, you must be totally disabled for a timeframe that is expected to last at least 12 months. Unlike some other programs, partial disability benefits are not provided under SSDI.
  • Payments — The specific amount that an SSDI claimant receives is based on the amount of money they have paid in FICA taxes over the pertinent timeframe.

Having assisted clients with SSDI, workers’ compensation and personal injury cases for decades, we know how to handle complex medical issues and present key information in a compelling manner. We also understand how these claims will interact with each other.

Benefits of having a Social Security Disability attorney

Relying on a knowledgeable attorney to guide you through the Social Security Disability process will improve the likelihood of a successful outcome. Our experienced attorneys collect the necessary information and help claimants avoid problems that can defeat otherwise worthy claims. We know exactly what types of documents will be required by Social Security, as well as how to properly fill out forms. This will save you the time and energy you’d need to research and understand what is needed in the process. 

Why some Social Security claims are denied

The Social Security Administration has several different reasons it can cite for denying a disability claim. Occasionally, the rejection is based on missing or incorrect documents. A reviewer might not accept the claim that the injury in question justifies an absence from work of at least 12 months. There could also be a question about whether a claimant has accumulated enough work credits to qualify for benefits. Other times, the reviewer might believe that the person seeking disability payments is not following the directions of their doctor. Regardless of the specific reason for the denial, you should not be discouraged. Many initial filings are turned down, but we are determined advocates who develop persuasive cases in support of reversal. 

Skillful attorneys guide clients through the SSDI appeals process

When your initial Social Security Disability application doesn’t receive approval, our firm can get right to work on overturning the decision. Skillful legal guidance is critical at this stage because the appeal process is filled with deadlines and new procedures, which our attorneys fully understand and are able to navigate smoothly. It’s imperative that your case is filed on time and all documents are filled out correctly. Sometimes, it just takes a clarification or additional information to get your benefits approved upon reconsideration. If that does not work, we provide zealous representation in a hearing before an administrative law judge and the Appeals Council, if necessary.  

Contact a North Carolina Social Security Disability lawyer for a free initial consultation 

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